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Omega Peptide - Health Innovation

Over time, something constantly changes in our body. Sometimes in a good way, and sometimes, unfortunately, and quite the opposite. Excessive training not only gives us a beautiful, slender body, but also causes rapid wear on our joints and heart. A sedentary lifestyle contributes to obesity, and poor environmental conditions give us a whole bunch of diseases.

But we already notice the consequences of changes in the body, when we can only try to patch up a broken health a little and try to maintain what is already left.

Our body constantly needs support. This is especially important for athletes to take into account: their excessive loads on the body lead to early diseases, about which many people learn only to advanced age.

Scientists have long dealt with this problem and found one terrific solution. They took the most important building material in the body - protein, from the amino acid residues of which they then received short peptides. They differ from ordinary peptides in a size that now allows them to penetrate into the cells of the body and participate in processes that they previously did not have access to because of their oversized size.

Now exist such short peptides, such as:

  • IPH AEN,

  • IPH AG,


  • IPH AVN.

Their effectiveness increases if you use Omega acid with them. This is such a class of fatty unsaturated acids, which for some reason the body itself does not produce, but is madly in need of them. They are literally vital.

Sharing of these components is embodied in Omega Peptide complexes. Now we will dwell on each in more detail.

Omega Peptide IPH 3

It does not matter if you lead a sedentary lifestyle or are active athletes, the joints in both cases are subjected to tremendous stress, and therefore the problems associated with them arise in both groups with the same frequency. Also at risk include people for whom joint problems are a consequence of age.

The complex of the short peptide IPH AEN and omega-3 fatty acids was specially developed for these groups. It accelerates the synthesis of cartilage cells, helps them update faster, restores bone tissue. After administration, not only the rate of occurrence of inflammation of the joints decreases, but also their likelihood of occurrence. Also, the components carefully protect this part of the body and slow down age-related modifications.

Omega Peptide IPH 5

Omega Peptide - Health Innovation

Is the pain after training almost unbearable? We know how to help you. Pomegranate acid, which is part of Omega-5 and the short peptide IPH AG, quickly reduces muscle pain after active training and improves the condition of hair, skin and nails. This is achieved by acting on the intestines, in which the active absorption of the necessary substances occurs. The complex begins to act directly there, thereby not causing an immune response of the whole organism and saving it from self-destruction.

Omega Peptide IPH 6

Omega Peptide - Health Innovation

A particularly important complex for people who are seriously involved in sports. Omega-6 acids and the short peptide IPH AGAA help the body recover faster after heavy physical exertion and make it stronger. But that's not all. The complex contributes to the growth of muscle mass, which means that now your muscles will grow faster, get sick less and health will not wobble. Omega peptides here take care of the integrity of bone and nerve fibers.

Omega Peptide IPH 7

Trying to lose weight, but you cant overcome yourself, eat a lot and move a little?

It seems that scientists have found a way to help you. The Omega Peptide IPH 7 complex with the short peptide IPH AG and Omega-7 acids control appetite and protect against overeating. They help maintain the same level of triglycerides and lipoproteins. They also reduce stress, which psychologically supports the person. Some people get stuck in their problems, and the Omega Peptide IPH 7 helps avoid this behavior.

Omega Peptide IPH 9

Omega Peptide - Health Innovation

Vessels - this is what needs protection in the first place, when a person goes on a diet, begins to actively train or reaches a certain age. However, few people know what this part of our body really needs.

Olive oil contains oleic acid - one of the most important omega-9 acids. She is involved in a huge number of processes occurring in the body. Together with the short comprare steroidi italia IPH peptide, the AVN complex prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques. It also controls lipid, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, affects the membranes of the cells themselves.

So the joints are strengthened, their tone increases, and you are protected for a long time from any pathologies associated with age or a certain way of life.

Should I take Omega Peptide?

Definitely yes, especially to athletes. It is worth taking care of the whole body, strengthening bone and nerve tissue, thinking about the intestines, protecting the musculoskeletal system.

Protect yourself from illness and rapid organ wear. Remember that the better your health, the more productive your workouts. The body should be not only beautiful, but also healthy, otherwise many hours of work on yourself and your body will be in vain.

Lose weight easier and without harm to health. The drugs will maintain a good state of the body in such stressful situations for the body as a change of diet and the beginning of an active sports life. Get not only physical, but also mental support in one package.

Extend the youth of your body with the help of scientific discoveries - short peptides, replenish the necessary elements with the help of omega fatty unsaturated acids. It is better to start thinking about your body before your lifestyle and insufficient care for it destroys it.


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